I as soon as talked about on-line how a lot I really like wet days, as a result of I by no means need to go exterior. Then I may have stated one thing about going 5 or 6 days with out leaving the home, and hellooooo, Judgey McJudgersons!

Look, web individuals, I do not want your pity. I HAVE CATS.

Moreover, I DO go away the home once in a while. Generally even voluntarily. Nonetheless, with Florida principally an enormous steam sauna crammed with mosquitoes proper now, I favor getting my sunshine via a window – and with the A/C at full blast, thankyouverymuch.

Some individuals assume a scarcity of reside social interplay could make you go just a little humorous within the head, however I say the reverse is true. In truth, every single day I see completely socialized bakers churning out silent, frosting-soaked pleas for psychological intervention:

The signal says, “Turkey formed cake.” Inform me this is not a cry for assist.

And I am not speaking about particular orders right here, the place you would perceive, say, Darth Vader using a My Little Pony. I am speaking the stuff they put out within the show instances, for all of the world to see and quietly again away from, being cautious to make no sudden actions.

We name it, “Somebody please simply make the voices cease screaming.”

[P.S. – Two words: “Blue boobs.”]

[You’re welcome.]

And now, edible ghost chickens, as a result of, yeah, that is completely regular:

 “Bok Bok B’WoooOOOooo!”

The one that made this offers with individuals all day. 

Let’s all take a second to actually let this one sink in:

This, too:

 And these:

Let’s simply say I would not invite this baker over to babysit.

(Why are there ghost flies across the edge? And two monsters hiding beside the crib? WHY?)

For all the times I’ve spent peacefully working at residence, it is by no means as soon as occurred to me to make edible toes out of gummi rabbits. 

…and that nearly makes me unhappy; I guess this baker’s head could be a enjoyable place to go to.

I clearly bear in mind my pre-blog days, in fact, again after I had “regular,” people-riddled work locations. The worst was the return desk at a TJ Maxx. After a day of coping with deranged clients who insisted the waffle iron that also had waffles in it was “by no means used,” I am fairly positive even these would’ve seemed like a good suggestion:

The trick is to eat them earlier than they begin speaking.

So bear in mind, extroverts, earlier than you decide us hermits hiding behind the blinds and dressing our cats as Stargate characters, generally getting out of the home is not all the time the reply.

Generally individuals simply do higher on their very own. 

And generally the mutant Strawberry Ladybug factor simply must die.


Hey Jill E., Niomi W., Anony M., Brocha S., Kelly W., Susan Ok., Carolyn T., Bethany, & Dani S, occasion at my place? Physician Meow-Kay and Tail-La would love to fulfill you!


P.S. Hey, you recognize what could be a wonderfully cheap buy to make proper now?

A taco fanny pack.

I repeat, A TACO FANNY PACK. With drink holder!

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