Bakers, as a self-professed professional within the artwork of romantic puns, I really feel assured in stating the next:

When you draw a bee in your Valentine’s cake, then it’s a must to write “Bee Mine.”


Not this:


Not this:


And undoubtedly not this:

(I am unsure which is worse: the suspense or the grammar.)


Conversely, in the event you do write “Bee Mine” in your Valentine’s cake, then for Keep Puft’s sake, DON’T FORGET THE BEE.

This bee selected NOT to be.


You will additionally need to keep away from forgetting the bee, misspelling “Be Mine,” and customarily complicated the heck out of your prospects:


Aha, that clears issues up. Thanks, John.


Because of Julie B., Brittany R., Marin O., Lauren P., & Maria B. for being the most effective “be mine” bee miners mine eyes have ever bee-held.


P.S. When you simply quoted the “Miners not minors!” line from Galaxy Quest, then we must be pals. Additionally right here comes the cutest minor this facet of the galaxy:

 Hallmark Child Yoda Pop-Up Card

 The again reads, “… to say I like you.” D’awwww.


And from my different weblog, Epbot:

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