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‘Non Stick’ cookware has turn out to be the brand new benchmark in home cooking utensils, even Cooks of some very respected organizations advocate utilizing Non Stick cookware for its versatility, ease of upkeep and superlative efficiency, in comparison with different conventional types of cookware.

Whereas non stick cookware has turn out to be vastly in style in the previous couple of years, it is usually true that a number of criticism has been directed in the direction of it when it comes to its longevity, the standard of the supplies used and many others. Allow us to attempt to decode the thriller behind the product and attempt to perceive why it is without doubt one of the greatest mediums to prepare dinner, though clearly it does have a number of flaws that must also be thought-about whereas deciding on this number of cookware.



Like most issues of nice reputation, the non stick coating was additionally created accidentally by a scientist referred to as Roy Plunlkett who, whereas working for the DuPont chemical substances firm was looking for the alternate options to the generally used refrigerant Freon via his experiments. Throughout one such experiment, Plunkett tried to freeze and compress a chemical gasoline referred to as Tetrafluoroethylene and located that it has was an especially slippery and frictionless stable that was waxy (No Pun Supposed!) and white in coloration.

Plunkett thought that it may have makes use of as coating for metallic surfaces and DuPont patented the product that they later referred to as Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE for brief, generally identified by its now very well-known enterprise name- ‘Teflon’. As we speak, Teflon is among the many most well known names on this planet of cookware and is utilized in most non-stick cookware in the present day as a floor coating, proper from pots, pans, skillets, waffle irons , woks , saucepans and nearly all other forms of cookware. The preferred Non Stick coatings of in the present day are literally made up of 5 main parts


  • 1-The binder or resin that acts as a glue and sticks to the floor of the cookware and gives cohesion in addition to adhesive qualities to the coating materials.

  • 2-Crucial ingredient- PTFE or silicone that’s principally the non stick element

  • 3-The service solvent during which the opposite supplies are suspended to make a homogenous combination. This solvent usually evaporates when the coating is heated and cured.

  • 4-The coloring pigment, largely black however an increasing number of colours of non stick coatings at the moment are getting used and experimented with.

  • 5-Some strengthening brokers are additionally used for reinforcement and making the coating sturdy to withstand put on and tear.



    There are numerous ranges or parameters to which Non Stick coatings will be measured towards to gauge their high quality. For many half, the standard of the supplies used in addition to the precise variety of coating layers utilized on the floor which dictates the standard and longevity of a non stick coating. These varied kinds of Non Stick Coatings will be broadly divided into the next three varieties:

    -OPP/Promotional: These are cookware which have a single coat of non stick coating and are usually used for the entry degree, cheap cookware that doesn’t carry out so effectively and will not be actually lengthy lasting.

    -Average/OPP: That is the following degree of coating the place the highest coat has the next quantity of PTFE and the primary coat is principally personalized for good adhesion. This primary coating is also called a primer coat.

    -Higher Average/ Connoisseur: These have three coating layers of non stick materials and are usually bolstered internally utilizing prime quality microscopic, arduous reinforcing brokers which can be combined into the coating to extend the resistance to abrasion and put on and tear. These are usually used for top finish, gourmand degree cookware that’s unique and costly. (Used In MARBELLOUS & EMERALD Collection)

    -Ceramic Coatings :Ceramic is a more moderen phenomenon within the cookware coating business, launched commercially solely in 2009  however is quick gaining recognition owing to its notion as extra setting pleasant than Teflon in addition to extra versatile when it comes to colours and finishes. Ceramic coated cookware can also be thought-about to be extra sturdy and sturdier than the Teflon surfaced ones. By way of value, each are virtually equal, not less than on the entry degree and at the moment are freely out there throughout supermarkets and on-line shops. It’s true nevertheless, that the majority non stick cookware made in the present day nonetheless makes use of the Teflon as a coating medium. (Used In STONETEC & HIVE Collection)



    Principally non stick cookware if examined microscopically will present that the floor is roofed with 1000’s of tiny nooks and crannies which enlarge on software of warmth . As a matter of reality, the fluorine atoms current in PTFE gives a sort of low friction defend between the meals product and the precise steel floor therefore dissuading the product to stay to the floor on making use of warmth.

    The non stick materials principally fills these little nooks and crannies in order that the floor turns into clean and gives the features of non stick cookware. The identical perform is obtained through the use of oil on surfaces that aren’t coated industrially with a non stick materials corresponding to PTFE or ceramic.



    Though there have been some considerations raised in regards to the chemical parts of PTFE and its varied unwell results, particularly when heated to excessive temperatures above 500F, most of those haven’t been discovered to be dangerous for people. There have been some considerations additionally raised in regards to the environmentally unfriendliness of some coating surfaces, however once more these are excessive views and the business has been in a position to handle most of it.

    In a nutshell, all types of Non Stick cookware are completely secure and most additionally now follow sustainable manufacturing strategies inflicting minimal hurt to the setting. In reality most main chemical manufacturing corporations have dedicated to ending the usage of PFOA-Perfluorooctanoic acid that’s alleged to have dangerous results on people.

    Keep secure and luxuriate in cooking!

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