How To Perform Kitchen Hood Cleaning By Yourself

A kitchen hood is an essential part of your kitchen. It helps in removing all the hot air from your kitchen. However, extended usage results in an oily and gunky hood. To remove all the dirt and oil you need to perform the kitchen hood cleaning process which is super easy as well.

What Is A Kitchen Hood?

A kitchen hood is made up of two parts, an exhaust fan and metal filters. The job of the metal filters is to filter out the tiny oil particles to protect your exhaust fan from gunk. So it is essential to take a look at your filter and see whether it needs cleaning. If the filter has greasy deposits then you should know that it’s time for the kitchen hood cleaning job. To keep your hood in good condition clean it every now and then. Clean twice a year for an average cooking job. However, if you do a lot of frying you would need to perform the cleaning more often.

The Kitchen Hood Cleaning Process

You can either use a detergent, a dish soap or any degreasing product to cut the grease. Take a big bucket of boiling hot water, add a decent amount of detergent and mix well. Dip your filters in this detergent mix for about an hour. Remove the filters and start scrubbing with a hard brush to get the grease off.

Another method is by heating the filters. As the filters are clogged with the oil deposits heat will surely help to remove it. Take a big sized pan and place newspaper on the bottom. Then, place your filter on top of the newspaper sheets. Pre heat your oven to 250 degrees and place the pan in the oven. Leave for about an hour in the oven. This will melt all the oil down and the newspaper sheets will absorb it all. It is also an effective method of filters cleaning.

After cleaning the filters it’s time to perform the kitchen duct cleaning. Take the degreaser and apply on the side walls of the hood. Also clean the fan as well. Apply the decent amount of the degreaser or the detergent mixture to the sides and leave for about 15 minutes. After that start scrubbing the surfaces until it’s completely cleaned. Although the dish washer method works well, you can also try using the OxyClean and the hot water mixture. It gives you the fabulous results and quick and hassle free at the same time.

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Saving The Environment

Cleaning up your kitchen hood and filters is not only good for your kitchen but also for the environment. Although you can replace your filters with the new ones but give it a try and clean your filters every now and then. Doing so you will be recycling and making sure not to add unnecessarily to the landfills. Hopefully, this kitchen hood cleaning guide will be helpful and keep your hood in the shiny condition.

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