How To Paint Cabinets Like A Pro

In this guide, we are going to discuss the process of how to paint cabinets like a pro in your kitchen. We are going to discuss four simple steps that you must follow in order to repaint your kitchen doors.

Pre-Paint Preparations

You can start by removing the cabinet doors. Always remember to keep everything checked and secure so that you don’t forget anything while putting your kitchen back together. Remove the screws and also mark numbers for each door and the corresponding frame.

Remove The Grease

Your kitchen becomes dirtier with time as the deposits of oil vapor stick to the door surface. So the first step is to remove all the grease. Start with washing the doors with a detergent bath. Take a soft towel and dip in the detergent solution. Wipe the front and back of your cabinet doors with this wet towel. Apply gentle pressure and keep repeating the process until you see the grease coming off. Do this with all of the doors. Let the doors dry for a while.

Next step, we can also use sandpaper to remove the old paint and prepare a fine surface for the primer to stick better. Take a sander with 180 grit sandpaper on it. Start sanding all the doors until you get a finely finished surface. Use can sand the corners of the doors and frames with your hands.

To paint the frames of your cabinets you can use either of the two approaches, spray paint or brush/roller paint. If you want to choose the method of spray painting, make sure to cover all the walls and the insides of your cabinets with plastic sheets. However, the roller paint will save you from the hassle of covering the walls and insides of cabins. Both of the approaches have their own pros and cons. Although spray paint requires a lot of effort at the start, the final finish comes glossy and professional-looking.

First of all, you need to apply the primer of the best quality to have a perfect surface for the final paint coat. We recommend using the spray painting technique as it will apply a perfectly fine coat each time. Start priming your doors from the backside first, because if some flaws occur they won’t be much of a problem. After applying the coats on the backside of the doors, keep them outside in the sun and let dry for about one to two hours. Once the coat is completely dry start coating the front side as well.

Color Selection And Final Painting

Choosing a suitable color for your kitchen solely depends upon your sense of style. But a simple rule of thumb is to always go for lighter colors, specifically if your kitchen area is small. As it will give the place a wider, open, and airy feel and will reflect more light.

You can also check our guide about the Top 5 kitchen design ideas to have a deep understanding of color selections for your kitchen.

After completely drying the primer, start applying the coats of your choice of color. Remember, start with the backside first and apply thin coats for a glossy finish. You can apply two coats of your final color, giving 2 hours of dry time between the coats. Apply the color on all of your doors and let dry for about 12 hours in the sunlight.

Tip: Remember to apply one coat of primer and two coats of paints for a perfect finish.

Putting Everything Back Together

After your cabinet doors and frames have completely dried, it’s time to start fixing the doors back to the frames. Here you can also check for some squeaky hinges and if found you can replace them as well. Once all the doors are fixed you will have yourself a new kitchen. It will look clean and the glossy finish of the doors will definitely enhance your mood.

We are hopeful that this guide on how to paint cabinets like a pro will help you a lot in making your kitchen shine.

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