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A mixture of excessive electrical energy costs and dangerous climate has led to salad gadgets being rationed in supermarkets round Britain. Many consumers at Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl may have, in latest days, encountered empty inexperienced crates within the contemporary produce aisle, or gross sales of broccoli and tomatoes capped at three a buyer.

The tomato scarcity, specifically, has been a impolite awakening, on condition that so many midweek no-recipe fallbacks use them. Right here, then, are a dozen concepts for making variations of these meals when you possibly can’t pay money for contemporary, bottled and even tinned tomatoes and don’t wish to attain for the puree or ketchup.

1. Crimson pasta sauce

Anybody with an allergy to nightshade greens (which embrace tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, chillies and aubergines) shall be accustomed to nomato sauce. Recipes often mix carrots, celery and butternut squash with beetroot. Relying on how a lot you just like the earthy sweetness of beetroot, you should utilize something from a single beet to a vac-pack of 4 little ones.

Blitz the cooked or steamed veg with onion and garlic, sauteed in olive oil, balancing out the flavour with vinegar (pink wine or balsamic) and sweetness (honey or sugar). Lastly, season with salt and pepper to style and add finely chopped contemporary herbs.

Roasting tomatoes is all the time a great way to start out a wealthy sauce – and so with carrots. Gradual-roast a bunch in butter and olive oil, because the Swedish chef Simon Bajada does for a ravishing soup he serves with contemporary cheese and black bread. Whenever you come to blitz them, use solely as a lot vegetable inventory as you should obtain a sauce consistency. Fold in a contemporary herb combine and season nicely.

The Ask Lindsey recommendation column on DeliaOnline suggests utilizing a slow-cooked courgette base, with the umami introduced by a great serving to of white miso.

2. Creamy pasta sauce

“Yoghurt,” says Yotam Ottolenghi in his 2020 ebook Flavour, “versus cream, has a pure acidity, so it makes creamy pasta sauces that are wealthy however not in any method cloying or unctuous.” Contemplating tomato brings acidity, this looks like a great different. Ottolenghi pairs his heat, cumin-flecked yoghurt sauce (stabilised with a few egg yolks and a few teaspoon of cornflour) with roasted butternut squash.

3. Pizza sauce

Four-cheese white pizza.
Ricotta, cream cheese and mascarpone make wonderful bases for a white pizza. {Photograph}: Juanmonino/Getty Photographs

When you have not but sampled the enjoyment of a white pizza, now could be the time. Rachel Roddy stresses {that a} correct yeasted dough is essential for Roman pizza bianco, the topping being a drizzle of olive oil with prosciutto, parmesan and figs in the summertime. As it’s winter, it’s your decision one thing extra seasonal, so unfold your base with ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone, cottage cheese or creme fraiche. Vegan choices embrace chickpea puree and cashew cream. Prime as you would like.

4. Lasagne

There are such a lot of choices right here. Butternut squash and sage. Salmon, candy potato and greens. Caramelised onion, mushroom and blue cheese. J Kenji López-Alt’s spinach model is sort of easy: he sautees the leaves with shallots and garlic in butter and olive oil, then drains them of all moisture, earlier than chopping up and including to a mixture of ricotta or cottage cheese, blitzed with an egg, a number of parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Then he layers as many prepped lasagne sheets because the spinach combine will take, with dollops of a tacky white sauce to bind all the pieces.

5. BLT

Tomato, as Dana Velden highlights on the Kitchn web site, is prime to sandwich-building, for the “color, flavour, juiciness and texture” it brings. Nonetheless, she provides a large number of substitute slices. These embrace: baked or roasted root veg (butternut squash, turnips or swede); lemon-dressed cooked potato; roasted peppers from a jar; uncooked or cooked beetroot; pickles (courgette, aubergine, radish); persimmon; apple; pear; fig; kumquat; and kiwi. All of those know what to do with salty bacon and crispy iceberg.

6. Dal

Meera Sodha’s tamarind and spinach dal
Meera Sodha’s tamarind and spinach dal. {Photograph}: Louise Hagger/The Guardian. Meals styling: Emily Kydd. Prop styling: Jennifer Kay. Prop styling assistant: Agathe Gits

Meera Sodha provides tamarind paste, for its tomato-like stability of sweetness and sourness, to her coconut rooster curry and her spinach and pigeon pea dal. Additionally, I like her fast coconut dal (from 2019’s East). Fry finely chopped pink onion with curry leaves, finely chopped garlic and inexperienced chilli and a stick every of cinnamon and lemongrass. Subsequent, add pink lentils and turmeric, a can of coconut milk and the identical once more of water, simmering for 20 to 25 minutes, till tender. Season with salt and lime juice.

7. Beans

In case your consolation go-to is on the baked beans scale, a dearth of tomatoes will put you in a bind. Right here, once more, Roddy delivers. Beginning with dry pulses, which she soaks, she slow-cooks broad beans with onion, potato and fennel; cannellini beans with garlic and sage; white beans with garlic, sage, greens and pumpkin, or garlic, chilli and chard, or just bay and garlic. Usually served with one thing salty (bacon, sausage, clams, tuna and onion), all the time delicate to the purpose of melting, these are each bit as life-giving as a can of Heinz.

8. Bolognese sauce

Mince and tatties
Mince and tatties. {Photograph}: myViewPoint/Alamy

I as soon as made my mom Colman Andrews’ mince and tatties, a dish Andrews had described to me as his final style of residence. Mashed potatoes with as a lot butter and double cream as he plumps for will, in fact, all the time please. Nevertheless it was the mince that just about had us in tears – and with no tomato in sight.

Gently brown onion, then floor beef, in a bit oil, then add sliced carrot, toasted oats and, you probably have any, black pudding. Season generously, cowl with water and prepare dinner till the carrots are delicate and the entire thing a thick stew. I’ve eaten this on spaghetti, on couscous, on toast, on stated tatties and straight from the pan.

Roddy’s ragu alla bolognese is equally devoid of redness. She begins with a soffrito of onion, carrot and celery, which she fries in oil and butter, with some pancetta or bacon and a bay leaf. Then, she provides mince – beef and pork, with livers, if any are handy.

After browning, she deglazes the pan with wine (pink or white) and inventory, during which she has diluted one tablespoon of tomato paste, however which I’d don’t have any hassle doing with out. She cooks this down – seasoning nicely and including milk – for the size of a film. As she says: “The sauce ought to be wealthy, and thick, with little or no liquid, however not dry, so control it.”

If redness is a should in your bolognese, put that nomato sauce to work. Brown your meat and add the sauce as you’ll tomato.

9. Meatballs, shakshuka, stuffed veg, oven bakes

Use the nomato to braise your meatballs, bake your pasta, poach your eggs, stuff your peppers, courgettes, aubergines or squashes, and assemble your moussaka.

10. Salad

A sun-ripened tomato is peerless. Nevertheless, when paired with a creamy contemporary cheese, it’s the tomato’s mixture of sweetness, acidity and crunch that’s hardest at work, one thing that different fruit can accomplish. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are pretty with olive oil, herbs and salty cheese.

Ottolenghi credit a tomato salad by Peter Gordon with the inspiration for his melon and buffalo mozzarella platter, the contemporary cream and fruity flesh enhanced with roasted buckwheat groats and black mustard seeds.

Olia Hercules’ peach and tarragon salad
Olia Hercules’ peach and tarragon salad. {Photograph}: Elena Heatherwick/Octopus

Olia Hercules, in the meantime, does a ravishing salad of peaches or nectarines (use apple or pear in colder months), gooseberries, grapes or plums and tarragon or fennel fronds, dressed with garlic, chilli, honey and seasoned.

Then there’s the infinite bounty of pomegranate. Recent, it has crunch, juiciness and sweetness; decreased to molasses, it’s as deeply flavourful as tomato paste and ketchup mixed. Strive the arils (seeds) with drizzles of molasses and tahini atop a heat salad of roasted aubergine, or with bitter leaves and alliums in a chilly salad.

11. Chilli

Texans may name their tackle chilli con carne a “bowl o’ pink”, however they’re adamant it accommodates neither beans nor tomatoes. Good, then, for this right here listing.

An Epicurious basic – by 4 Lobels (Stanley, Evan, Mark and David), Mary Goodbody and David Whiteman – has you toasting a bunch of New Mexico, guajillo or pasilla chillies, then soaking them in scorching water, draining, deseeding and mixing with cumin, pepper and water right into a paste. Subsequent, fry some onion and garlic and dilute with beef inventory into which you will have whisked masa harina (maize flour). Brown items of braising steak and add to the inventory together with the chilli paste. Simmer and prepare dinner till the sauce is thick and the meat tender. Season with brown sugar and white vinegar.

The Dizzy Cook dinner’s tomato-free chilli fries the meat in butter or ghee first, then provides paprika and cinnamon for earthy sweetness.

The New York Occasions’s Yasmin Fahr, in the meantime, does a non-traditional chilli with peppers and jalapeños, the suggestion being that cherry tomatoes are changed with a few tablespoonfuls of tomato paste. On condition that she makes use of harissa and soy sauce with garlic, cumin and oregano, I’d undoubtedly make this with out the tomato paste, merely ramping up the harissa.

12. Salsa

This one is straightforward: salsa verde. Comply with Felicity Cloake’s journey by the wealth of recipes she tried to excellent her personal, on condition that, as she places it, the inexperienced sauce is “infinitely tweakable”. In different phrases, they may all be good, no matter you dollop them on.

Parsley is non-negotiable, however you possibly can attempt different delicate herbs, too (basil, mint, thyme, tarragon). You possibly can mix many alliums, or forgo them; you possibly can add gherkins, capers, olives, vinegar or Ottolenghi’s charred lemon. Don’t be shy of anchovies or warmth (I’m misplaced with out Turkish pepper flakes). Blitz with, or pound in, a great quantity of olive oil and retailer within the fridge.

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