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Tright here comes a degree in life when it’s best to begin to query the massive issues – to probe accepted concepts round faith, politics, and one of the simplest ways to prepare dinner pasta. Neglect what you discovered at your mom’s knee, what it says on the packet, or what you as soon as heard a celeb chef say on Saturday Kitchen … or moderately, verify it for accuracy. Because the saying goes, there’s multiple option to crack an egg … however I preserve probably the most environment friendly is to faucet it towards a flat floor after which pull it aside over a bowl. Listed here are a number of different culinary information which may come as a shock.

1. Prepare dinner pasta in water ‘as salty as the ocean’

I admit this notion does have a sure romance – it’s good to suppose you’re tasting the Adriatic whereas consuming spaghetti alle vongole in Enfield – however if you happen to’ve ever been smacked within the face by a wave you’ll know that stage of saltiness is way an excessive amount of for human consumption. And whereas it’s true that a lot of the salt will disappear down the plughole if you drain the pasta, if you happen to attempt cooking it on the similar stage of salinity because the Med, with 38g salt per litre of water, you’ll discover it’s nonetheless utterly unpalatable.

To be honest, those that repeat the declare, like Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi of their ebook The Lengthy & the Wanting Pasta, and even the good meals author Anna del Conte, are often mistaken concerning the saltiness of the ocean, moderately than easy methods to prepare dinner pasta, as a result of the Caldesis go on to suggest a mere 5g of salt per litre. Definitely you do want some salt – pasta cooked with out it will likely be bland and disappointing, nonetheless scrumptious the accompanying sauce – however how a lot is dependent upon your palate.

Del Conte suggests 10g per litre, or at the least a teaspoon-worth “in order for you a pasta price consuming”, a method additionally accredited by the Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli. In keeping with Critical Eats culinary director Daniel Gritzer, 2% is, for him, “the highest finish of what’s tolerable, tasting very effectively seasoned but additionally noticeably salty”.

There’s additionally debate round whether or not pasta is greatest cooked in a really massive pan of water, as is conventional, or whether or not it can save you energy by utilizing a smaller pot, and fewer water. I received’t delve into it right here, however lookup J Kenji López-Alt’s tackle the topic on the aforementioned Critical Eats web site.

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Illustration: Steven Gregor/The Guardian

2. By no means wash a mushroom

Because the US’s Bon Appetit journal cautioned mushroom-loving readers again in 2017, “In case your traditional transfer is to deliver them house from the market and instantly stick them beneath a working faucet – cease! … Dry mushrooms are scrumptious mushrooms.” It’s nearly as in the event that they hadn’t learn the very first instalment of what was to develop into my The way to prepare dinner the right … column again in 2010, the place I completely debunked the thought. As I famous again then, Delia Smith, Gordon Ramsay and even the Mushroom Bureau (subsequently rebranded as Extra with Mushrooms) are additionally within the no-wash camp, with Smith explaining that fungi “have already got a whole lot of moisture and washing them means they take up much more, which might make them soggy”.

Actually, although they take up comparatively little water on this course of, it seems any added moisture is an effective factor – as a result of, as Dave Arnold of the Worldwide Culinary Middle observes, “Whereas the mushrooms are boiling off their water, they aren’t absorbing oil. By the point the boiling stops they’ve already collapsed, so that they aren’t as porous as a uncooked mushroom and don’t need to take up oil.” Dry mushrooms take in extra oil than moist ones, which, oddly sufficient, makes them much less nice to eat. So, in brief, cease being lazy and get out the colander.

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3. Olive oil is for dressing, not cooking

You’ll typically hear that additional virgin olive oil ought to by no means be used for high-temperature cooking as a result of it has a comparatively low smoke level: 200C (392F), versus sunflower oil’s 225C (437F), or rice bran oil’s 260C (500F). First off, as Prof Tim Spector observes in his newest ebook Meals for Life, except you’re doing a little professional-level stir frying (when the wok ought to strategy 300C) or actually cranking up the oven, that is unlikely to be an issue. (Olive oil handled to boost its smoke level is, he says, “extremely processed … and greatest averted”.)

Second, Spector continues, the excessive saturated fats content material of excellent high quality olive oil makes it extra steady when heated at steady excessive temperatures (110C/230F) than many vegetable oils, which break into compounds of “unknown well being danger” (to say nothing of their impact on a meals’s texture and flavour).

Plus, olive oil is wealthy in polyphenols, with high-grade additional virgin examples containing “at the least 30 completely different antioxidant polyphenols, together with tyros, lignans and different flavonoids that seem to have useful results on ageing and irritation, notably on the guts and mind”. For these causes, he writes, “an excellent additional virgin olive oil is my cooking oil of alternative”.

4. Chilli seeds = warmth

We’ve all diligently picked out each final fiddly seed from a chilli on the behest of recipes which declare, like these in Floyd on India, that the extra you allow in, the warmer the consequence. Actually, if you happen to take away the seeds from a genuinely piquant pepper, give them an excellent rinse and put one in your tongue, you’ll uncover they style of little or no; the true warmth comes from the white membrane that attaches them to the flesh of the chilli, which is the factor you really have to do away with in order for you the flavour of the fruit with out an excessive amount of of its hearth.

5. By no means salt pulses within the pan

An object lesson in preserving updated together with your culinary information: within the copy of Delia’s Full Illustrated Cookery Course that I grew up with, our nationwide treasure writes, apropos pulses, that “maybe crucial rule is to not add any salt till the top of the cooking” as “salt attracts out moistness … and hardens the pores and skin, so even a small quantity of salt within the soaking or cooking water will merely retard the method”.

Little question I’ve dutifully repeated this message over time – but in her Full The way to Prepare dinner, revealed in 2009, Smith admits that she now at all times provides salt throughout cooking “because it actually does give a greater flavour … salt by no means appears to be absorbed correctly when added on the finish”.

Certainly, meals science author Harold McGee informs readers of his seminal On Meals and Cooking that, although salt “does sluggish the speed at which [pulses] take up water”, they are going to nonetheless soften, whereas soaking beans in salted water really hastens the cooking time however, he believes, provides a mealier texture – one thing hotly debated by Joe Yonan, meals editor of the Washington Publish and creator of the ebook Cool Beans, who at all times soaks his pulses in salted water … when he soaks them in any respect. However that’s one other story.

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6. Tiptoe round a soufflé

With a fearsome fame because the prima donna of the culinary world, it’s typically claimed that the key to tremendous soufflés is to deal with them with child gloves, whipping as a lot air into the egg whites as doable earlier than shedding no time in folding within the remaining elements and getting them within the oven. There should be no sudden actions, no loud noises and God forbid, the likes of Mary Berry and James Martin plead, no opening the oven door till the buzzer goes off!

Actually, when you’ve bought as a lot air within the batter as you possibly can, the remainder is just about foolproof: the soufflés could be refrigerated for a number of hours earlier than baking, and so long as the oven is sizzling, they are going to rise. Open the door to verify on them if you should: McGee reassures cooks that “the combination can’t fall except it really begins to chill down, and even when that did occur, it’ll rise once more when it heats up once more”. You’ll nonetheless have to rush it to the desk earlier than it collapses although; that is cooking, not magic.

7. At all times seal your meat

The thought that you would be able to seal the juices into meat by searing the surface has an extended historical past – I discover it really useful within the Girls Dwelling column of the Gloucestershire Chronicle of 11 October 1902. Little question many disgruntled girls are actually complaining to the editor within the subsequent world, as a result of, although beginning meat in a sizzling pan will assist to create a scrumptious crust, that crust isn’t watertight, as you’ll realise when your rigorously seared steak leaks liquid all around the chopping board. The key to juicy outcomes is, in actuality, to let it relaxation lengthy sufficient after cooking to reabsorb all that liquid earlier than reducing and serving.

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8. By no means eat a closed mussel

This recommendation comes from the identical over-anxious place as vastly inflated turkey roasting instances – and whereas normally, I believe it’s wiser to err on the facet of warning on the subject of meals security, the very fact stays that any mussel that may be simply opened needs to be completely fit for human consumption.

In keeping with Australian marine biologist Nick Ruello: “Intensive cooking checks present that some mussels don’t open up even after extended cooking and the flesh turns into overcooked. These checks additionally confirmed that some mussels which have opened up and [been] faraway from cooking have the truth is been undercooked. The now widespread concern about mussels not opening after cooking is due to this fact misdirected.”

You must, nonetheless, deal with these with damaged shells, or that are gaping open earlier than cooking with a bit extra care. Give them a faucet, they usually’ll most certainly shut, at the least partly. In the event that they don’t, they’re in all probability lifeless, so do away with them, earlier than continuing with grasping abandon. Take reassurance from the testimony of Spanish seafood blogger Harley Gutiérrez: “Rotten mussels odor extremely unhealthy. They odor like rotting flesh and seafood. The odor is so sturdy and pungent that it may be troublesome to be close to them.” In the event that they’re off, you’ll in all probability learn about it.

9. Fish and crimson wine don’t combine

By no means belief a trigger-happy, emotionally unavailable undercover agent with an alcohol downside: not solely was James Bond improper about martinis (they need to be stirred, not shaken, except you really want them extra watered down) however in From Russia With Love he claims solely a improper ’un would order chianti with fish. How gauche!

Actually, although 007’s alternative of champagne is a greater one with the buttery sole, the one fish this prohibition is sensible with are oily species like mackerel and herring, which might react with the tannins in fuller-bodied crimson wines, like a classic chianti, to create a metallic aftertaste. The baddie’s dinner could have been overpowered by his alternative of wine, however I’d defend his proper to take pleasure in it over Bond’s snobby guidelines any day.

10. Meals needs to be served piping sizzling

No matter TripAdvisor reviewers could imagine, a 2007 examine by researchers on the College of KU Leuven in Belgium discovered that our perceptions of flavour decline when consuming meals above 35C (95F), with sweetness and bitterness turning into extra pronounced on the expense of salty and bitter notes.

There could also be a payoff when it comes to texture (which is why fried meals are often greatest consumed as sizzling as you possibly can bear) however all issues being equal, most meals will style of extra in the event that they’re allowed to chill down somewhat earlier than serving. In brief, don’t ship that taverna moussaka again to be nuked within the microwave; savour the flavour as a substitute.

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