Bunk Mattress vs Loft Mattress: What is the Distinction and Which Is Higher? (2023 Information)

Over time, I’ve helped households of their seek for sleeping options. I’ve seen how simple it’s to confuse loft and bunk beds. Not understanding the primary variations can result in buying the improper kind. 

This information distinguishes key features of a bunk mattress vs loft mattress that will help you choose the fitting alternative.

Key Issues to Know In regards to the Variations Between a Bunk Mattress vs Loft Mattress

Bunk beds are stacked vertically, permitting multiple individual to simply sleep in a room. Bunk beds are perfect for a toddler’s room

Then again, loft beds have an elevated single mattress above an open space beneath. They’re excellent for putting a desk in an open space and a mattress with area for youths to play in. Not like bunk beds which have two mattresses, loft beds solely have one.

A dark wooden bunk bed with white mattresses.

Overview of Bunk Beds

A bunk mattress is outlined as at the least two beds stacked on high of one another and forming one unit. Like a twin mattress, it’s excellent once I want at the least two beds in a single room, particularly once I don’t have my very own non-public area.

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  • The mattress typically lies immediately on a board, that means you don’t need to have a field spring. 
  • Normally, there are rails on the highest mattress to make sure the individual sleeping there doesn’t roll over and fall off.
Full bunk bed with white-finished design with cast metal.



Overview of Loft Beds

Loft beds are elevated buildings that appear like bunk beds, besides they don’t have a backside bunk.

  • The one mattress is lifted into the air and supported by a stable steel or wooden body. The ground space under has room for a desk or different furnishings. 
  • You’ll need to select it if in case you have a really restricted room space, together with a play area for youths.
Twin low loft bed with metal frame.

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  • Excellent for individuals who like an elevated setup but solely want one mattress.
  • With lower than $200, you should utilize a twin loft mattress to liberate a ton of ground area immediately below the mattress.


  • Making the mattress could be very tough, particularly when sleeping excessive.
  • There is just one sleeping space, which signifies that if in case you have multiple youngster or want extra sleeping area for younger adults. You’ll have to spend twice as a lot cash upgrading your room.

Predominant Variations Between Bunk Beds and Loft Beds

Bunk and loft might appear like they’ve the identical options. However, these sleep choices have distinct parts that give them totally different functions. In impact, additionally they differ in advantages and disadvantages.

A country-style wooden bunk bed with patterned bed sheets.
  1. Construction: Bunk beds include two beds stacked vertically. They’ve supporting posts on every nook. A loft can have a single mattress raised on posts, leaving open area beneath.
  2. Ladder use: Most fashions come outfitted with a ladder hooked up to the aspect to entry the highest bunk. Loft generally incorporates a full staircase.
  3. Ground area: With a nook bunk, the decrease mattress takes up further area immediately beneath the highest bunk. A loft mattress clears the ground space. It supplies room to position different furnishings or create a workstation. You may as well add custom-made built-ins to maximise area.
  4. Sleep choices: Bunk beds present at the least two beds for 2 individuals. However, you should purchase two loft beds.
  5. Cupboard space: A bunk can have drawers, whereas a loft permits for much more storage beneath. The latter can have cabinets or cupboards, to maximise area in a room.
  6. Customization choices: Loft gives extra customization, like a storage unit or desk beneath. A decrease bunk is especially simply open. 

Ultimate Verdict: Which Is Higher, Loft or Bunk Beds?

As they don’t have the identical options, you’ll see which kind of mattress would swimsuit children, adults, and company.

Characteristic Bunk Loft
Construction Two stacked beds with supportive posts One elevated mattress with supportive posts
Sleeping capability Two individuals One individual
Ladder use Sometimes has a ladder Might have a ladder, though it usually has stairs
Ground area Takes up space for storing Leaves further area
Customization Much less customizable Permits for extra built-ins like desks and cupboards
Storage Might embody drawers Can have cabinets or cupboards
A white wooden loft bed for kids with built-in small desk. and storage below.

Bunk Mattress or Loft: Which Is Higher for Children?

If a twin mattress appears small for 2 children, a nook bunk is commonly the higher mattress possibility and leaves room for a play area. The latter permits at the least two children or buddies to have a sleepover collectively in a toddler’s room. A ladder provides enjoyable, and decrease bunk beds are safer for youthful or older children.  

Loft or Bunk: Which Is Higher for Teenagers and Adults?

A loft is often higher for adults since grown-ups usually don’t want a second mattress. In addition they profit extra from the open area beneath for an workplace or sofa. Suppose you’ll be able to spend as much as $3,000 – a premium and better loft will supply extra usable space under. It additionally supplies extra sleeping area for at the least two adults.

A dark wooden truffle bunk bed.

Bunk Mattress or Loft: Which Is Higher for Visitors?

With out spending over $300, bunk beds work higher for company. With bunks, extra individuals can use the identical room comfortably. Except you may have two loft beds, bunk beds enable extra sleeping capability when internet hosting older children. You may as well have a look at getting a triple bunk mattress in case you want extra room for individuals to sleep.

A dark wooden bunk bed with specialized stairs on one side.

Incessantly Requested Questions

What Is the Distinction Between a Bunk and a Futon Mattress?

A bunk has two stacked beds, one on high of the opposite, whereas a futon has a skinny mattress that may fold right into a sofa. Bunk beds are designed for sleeping. Futons supply a multi-purpose sofa and mattress mixture.

Can You Use a Bunk Mattress as a Loft Mattress?

You need to use a bunk as a loft by eradicating the underside bunk and elevating the posts. However, the posts are normally shorter than mattress posts.

Is There a Loft Bunk Mattress?

There isn’t any normal furnishings piece known as a loft bunk mattress. A loft is designed for sleeping excessive, whereas bunk beds model have two stacked beds. However you’ll be able to DIY it by stacking a loft mattress.


Figuring out the distinctions between bunk and loft beds, lets you make the fitting alternative. Think about the professionals and cons of every so you’ll be able to choose the best mattress.

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