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Right here in Italy, there are numerous forms of conventional ravioli with all types of scrumptious fillings. Italians like to serve home made ravioli on Sundays, particular events, and holidays comparable to Christmas. Why not launch your interior Italian with this assortment of 10 home made ravioli recipes from Italy? These recipes consists of vegetarian, seafood and meat crammed pasta. So, one thing for everybody!

10 homemade ravioli recipes from Italy

What are the various kinds of ravioli?

What many non-Italians confer with as ravioli typically has completely different names in Italy. After all, all are crammed pasta, largely made with a dough of flour and eggs or with out eggs. However, the filling elements, the form and measurement and the names range all through the nation. You could find crammed pasta referred to as ravioli, tortelli, tortellini, pansotti, agnolotti, cjarsons and lots of extra.

Homemade uncooked potato and mint ravioli from Liguria

Ravioli is nearly at all times spherical or sq.. Tortelli is commonly rectangular or semi-circular and even massive squares. However, there are additionally some forms of tortelli which seem like bonbons or sweets. Different crammed pasta shapes have extra explicit names which confer with the form. For instance, Ligurian pansotti are so referred to as as a result of this pasta resembles a pot stomach and the title comes from the Genovese phrase for stomach, ‘pansa’!

Uncooked homemade pansotti

Slightly ravioli historical past.

Meals historical past tells us that some forms of crammed pasta date again to Historical Rome. Nonetheless, the primary written reference to ravioli is from the 12th century. The phrase tortelli, alternatively, comes from the Medieval ‘torta’, a savoury pie.

From torta, the Italians use tortelli, tortellini, and tortelloni to precise measurement variations. The phrase ‘riavvolgere’ means ‘to wrap’ in Italian and a few imagine that is the origin of the phrase ravioli. However, others suppose ravioli was really named after a widely known Thirteenth-century chef within the Genova Republic whose household title was Ravioli!

10 homemade ravioli recipes from Italy.

Regardless of the origins of the various kinds of ravioli and tortelli, from the 1300s all types of crammed pasta started to appear on tables all through many elements of Central and Northern Italy.

In the present day, together with extra up to date sorts, there are numerous Italian crammed pasta recipes. I might say even tons of in the event you rely the varied fillings, shapes, sizes and dough elements. The choice of 10 home made ravioli recipes under is only a small pattern of how Italians make and serve their crammed pasta.

Uncooked homemade agnolotti del plin.
Agnolotti del plin

Why not deal with your loved ones and pals to an actual genuine Italian ravioli recipe subsequent time you need to make one thing particular?

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Selfmade ravioli recipes from Marche.

Homemade ricotta ravioli with steak ragu recipe from Marche.

Ricotta ravioli with steak ragu.

This conventional home made ravioli from the Marche area has a no-cook filling of ricotta, nutmeg, egg and Parmigiano. The sauce is a very flavourful steak ragu. However, you’ll be able to simply make this recipe vegetarian through the use of a vegetarian parmesan and serving the ravioli in a tomato or vegetable sauce.

Baked ravioli called piconi ascolani from Marche.

Baked ravioli.

This second recipe from Marche is for a baked ravioli that’s conventional for Easter breakfast or brunch. However, I believe you’ll be able to serve these on any event. Often called piconi Ascolani, the filling on this ravioli has 3 forms of cheese, eggs and lemon zest.

The dough is gentle wheat flour and eggs, plus slightly olive oil or butter. In Marche, they bake this ravioli within the oven and eat it as a finger meals, like a savoury pastry.

Selfmade ravioli recipes from Liguria.

Potato and mint ravioli from Liguria called le turle de Mendatica.

Potato and mint ravioli.

Often called le turle de Mendatica within the native dialect, this Ligurian potato and mint ravioli is a conventional dish from the Ligurian Alps, the place there’s a distinctive native delicacies they name la cucina bianca della Liguria (the white delicacies of Liguria).

The ravioli dough requires gentle wheat flour, eggs and heat water. The filling has potatoes, eggs, mint and a neighborhood cheese Italians name Toma. You may as well use brie, fontina, provolone or ricotta.

Baked fish ravioli in a seafood sauce recipe from Liguria.

Baked fish ravioli.

This home made seafood ravioli recipe from Liguria is an ideal elegant dish for particular events. The ravioli is crammed with baked white fish. I used bream and snapper. Different filling elements are herbs, garlic, slightly Parmigiano and eggs.

The dough is simply gentle wheat flour and eggs. And, the ravioli is served in a scrumptious seafood sauce of calamari, mussels, clams and shrimp.

pansotti with walnut sauce recipe from Liguria.

Pansotti with walnut sauce.

This third home made ravioli recipe from Liguria is for a conventional meat-less crammed pasta referred to as pansotti. Much like cappelletti or tortellini, the pansotti (or pansoti) filling consists of ricotta and quite a lot of herbs and greens. The pasta dough has gentle wheat flour, eggs, water and wine, though you may as well make it with out eggs.

In Liguria, they eat this ravioli-like pasta with a walnut sauce, though some individuals serve it with a hazelnut sauce as a substitute or simply melted butter and sage. You’ll be able to simply make this recipe vegetarian by changing the Parmigiano within the filling and sauce with a vegetarian parmesan.

Selfmade ravioli recipes from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Sweet ravioli from Friuli Venezia Giulia called cjarsons.

Candy ravioli (cjarsons).

Typically referred to as agnolotti di Pontebba, these cjarsons are a conventional candy ravioli from the city of Pontebba within the Carnia Alps space of Friuli Venezia Giulia, close to the border with Austria. The ravioli filling has ricotta, figs, prunes and slightly sugar and salt.

The dough is gentle wheat flour, eggs and water. Historically, this pasta is served with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon. It’s common at weddings and on holidays comparable to Christmas.

Gnocchi ravioli from Trieste called ofelle alla triestina.

Gnocchi ravioli (ofelle alla triestina)

This distinctive ravioli from town of Trieste is made with potato gnocchi dough which you roll out, lower and fill like regular pasta dough. The filling has sausage meat, floor veal and spinach together with onion and butter. Often called ofelle alla triestina, this home made ravioli is often served with melted butter and grated Montasio cheese or Parmigiano.

Selfmade ravioli recipe from Sardinia.

Ricotta and saffron ravioli from Sardinian called cruxionis de arrascottu.

Ricotta and saffron ravioli.

There are various forms of Sardinian crammed pasta, this recipe is for a easy ravioli referred to as cruxionis de arrascottu within the native dialect. This pasta filling consists of sheep’s ricotta, lemon, eggs and saffron. You’ll be able to in fact, use cow’s milk ricotta as a substitute.

To make the ravioli dough you will have durum wheat semolina flour plus slightly gentle wheat flour. This dough is eggless. As an alternative, the liquid is heat water and a few olive oil. I served this home made ravioli with a conventional tomato sauce, which makes this recipe vegetarian as is.

Selfmade ravioli from Lombardy.

Pumpkin tortelli from Mantova a traditional Christmas ravioli.

Christmas pumpkin tortelli.

Seasoned with butter and sage, this conventional Christmas pumpkin tortelli is a divine historic stuffed pasta from Mantova in Lombardy. This pasta recipe dates again to the Renaissance when pumpkins first appeared in Europe from Central America.

The filling consists of roasted pumpkin, amaretti biscuits, eggs, Parmigiano cheese, nutmeg and lemon zest or Italian mostarda. The dough is a basic pasta dough made with gentle wheat flour and eggs. Make this tortelli vegetarian by changing the Italian Parmigiano with vegetarian parmesan.

Selfmade ravioli recipe from Piemonte.

Cheese fondue filled pasta from Piemonte called agnolotti del plin.

Cheese fondue crammed pasta.

Agnolotti or ravioli del plin is a lovely kind of crammed pasta from Piemonte (Piedmont). This pasta could look slightly complicated to make however is definitely fairly simple. The filling on this recipe is a cheese fondue made with fontina cheese, butter, milk and an egg yolk. You may as well use gruyère or provolone. The ravioli dough has gentle wheat flour, eggs and slightly olive oil.

Making agnolotti is much like making small ravioli. In actual fact, the principle distinction is simply that every ravioli is pinched at each ends to present the pasta its attribute form. In Piemonte, they historically serve this pasta wearing a sage butter.

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10 homemade ravioli recipes from Italy.

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